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Well, hello there!

I'm Gracie. It's very nice to meet you!

I'm an illustrator, coffee-lover, child-at-heart. When I was two, I believed I was Peter Pan.  I grew up reading all sorts of adventure and fantasy stories, never really grew out of them, and believe that's actually a really good thing.

I'm all about how stories and beauty (or a lack thereof) shape us, especially as children. The art and products I create are my small way of noticing the stories that have made us who we are, celebrating the beauty and wonder in life, and taking hope and joy in seeing the world a little more like a child.

Gracie's coffee mug and supplies
a little more about me, in no particular order. I:
  • Graduated from Huntington University with a Bachelor of Science in Animation
  • Live in San Antonio, Texas
  • Taught Grammar School Art for a year and wrote my own curriculum
  • Have the work ethic of Hermione Granger
  • Am an introvert, but can't help regularly recommending picture books to complete strangers at bookstores

  • Q. Do you take commissions/do custom work?  A. Unfortunately, I'm not currently accepting any custom requests.


  • Q. Do you sell prints of all your work?  A. I have quite a few of my pieces available over here in my shop. If you see something on my site or that I've shared on social media that isn't there, feel free to Contact Me about it to see if it can be made available for purchase!


  • Q. I have an idea (or manuscript) for a children's book. Will you illustrate it for me?  While I'm very flattered to have you interested and heartily wish I could take on  all your ideas to bring more wonderful children's books into the world, I'm not currently able to take on any more large scale projects. 


I'm also on Patreon--a platform where you can directly support creators you love  at whatever amount you choose in return to exclusive behind-the-scenes content.