The person who shared this with you thinks you're beautiful.

And not just in an I-felt-obligated-to-share-this kind of way. 

They think you're beautiful in a really, truly, seriously here-are-the-reasons way.


Do you know someone else who needs to hear that, too?


I’m Illustrator Gracie Klumpp, and I'm all about stories and the power they can have in our lives.  I truly believe the story you tell yourself about yourself shapes who you are day by day.  

So many women tell themselves a completely false story about themselves, where they’re just an ugly bystander in the real adventure taking place (probably in someone else’s perfect Instagram life).

It’s truly heartbreaking to me to see women who don’t realize their own dazzling beauty, inside and out. And I’m willing to bet you know someone like that, too.

I want to change the way women see themselves--and that starts with each of us speaking up and sharing the beauty we see in those around us, specifically.


Think of that person again-- your best friend, spouse, daughter, sister, mom, great-aunt Betty. 

What is it that makes her fantastic?

Is it how she always makes you laugh? Her unending kindness? Her confidence? Her ability to nurture? Her boldness? Her faith?

Take a couple of minutes today to text/email/message/write a snail mail note to that incredible lady and tell her exactly what you love about her. And I mean describe it to her specifically, with reasons.  Otherwise it's too easy for her to think you don't really mean it, or it's a blanket compliment that you're sharing with everyone.

You can use the graphic above to get started if you like-- you can copy and paste into a text, or you can even just click here to share it on Facebook along with your personal message. Remember, don't just share it on its own, or it won't really do much to help tell her the right story. Be specific.