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every day, you see her putting herself down.

Sometimes it looks more like a physical problem, when she thinks she’s too fat or too freckly or too hippy. Sometimes you can tell it’s deeper than that, and she really doesn’t see how kind, how intelligent, how incredible she is as a person.

She acts like a supporting character in her own story.

you just wish she could see herself the way you do.

So show her.

Gracie in the studio


i'm illustrator Gracie Klumpp.



I’m all about stories and the power they can have in our lives, and I truly believe the story you tell yourself about yourself shapes who you are day by day.  

I’ve created an opportunity for you to help change the story she tells herself, and help her see herself the way you do, as the heroine she is in her own story.

Part of what I bring to my illustrations is a natural understanding of a person, even after just getting to know them through a quick chat and some reference images. I see stories and connections. I have a knack for finding who people really are underneath all the hiding, and for bringing it to life on the page in a way they couldn’t have seen for themselves.








The True Beauty Portraits were designed specifically to be as affordable as possible, while delivering an incredible healing experience through storytelling. The Basic True Beauty Portrait was built with zero frills for maximum savings, but you still have the option to add on extras (including the option to ask for edits) for an even more customizable experience. 

You don’t have to be her spouse or significant other to give her a True Beauty Portrait.

Anyone can give a True Beauty Portrait. In fact, since the True Beauty Portraits are designed to share the way you specifically see the beauty in her, a whole group of her friends could give her the “same” portrait and it would still be different from each one! She’d get to see how each of you experiences her beauty and appreciates her friendship in unique ways.


More than a Glamour Shot from the 90s.

Nobody wants a falsely beautified version of themselves that they can’t even recognize. My portraits are meant to capture personality and natural beauty, and emphasize the things that are normally in her blind spot. I won’t draw her with model makeup or put her in a sexy pose. I’ll draw her, in all her natural beauty. The shoulders-up framing of the portrait also keeps it from being about the way she looks on the outside, and takes the focus off the way she thinks she ought to look.


Is it just for girly girls?

Not at all. This portrait is all about that one particular unique gal in your life, whoever she is. Girly, tomboyish, fashionable, body-building, home-making, career-building--no matter her personality, this portrait is all about drawing out the things you find wonderful about her.


What age is this for?

Any age is beautiful in its own way, and the True Beauty portraits are for capturing that unique beauty. These portraits are for any age.


Stop putting a band aid on her wound.

Of course it’s wonderful to be told that you’re beautiful, but at a certain point words can just feel like band aids, meant to stop the hurting but not really effective at it. Showing her how you really see her will do worlds of good toward actual healing, and hanging the portrait in a place she can see it consistently (perhaps as she’s getting ready in the morning) will remind her of it every day. Show her who she really is so she can starts seeing herself clearly.


Ready to show someone how beautiful they are to you?

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Is there a special date you need your portrait by?
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