When Peter Came // Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Art Print

When Peter Came // Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Art Print

from 18.00

Capture the magic of the moment Peter Pan arrives to whisk you away to the Neverland with this richly textured, wonder-filled illustration. Printed on velvety archival paper with a half inch white border for easy framing.

Choose from 8x10, 11x14 or 13x19. Comes unframed, signed by me.


Sometimes, even when I know I drew him, I'm surprised and delighted to see Peter Pan. ⠀

Most of the time I know I'll never quite catch him--it would be like Wendy trying to catch the kiss at the corner of Mrs. Darling's mouth--so I don't push too hard, don't try to force it. I know I don't quite get him right most of the time, and that's ok.⠀

But this time, he showed up anyway. And I laughed and grinned and said "Why, hello, Peter!" like an idiot, talking to myself in my studio.⠀

But I don't really care, because Peter came.⠀

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