Sir Egbert Filigree // Whimsical Dining Room Decor

Sir Egbert Filigree // Whimsical Dining Room Decor

from 18.00

And now, may I present Sir Egbert Filigree, a richly colorful fictional historical figure a bit on the round side, pictured here in this art print. He comes unframed, with a half an inch white border for easy framing. Oh, and he's signed by me!

You caught him a bit unawares. Always attempting to be dignified and never quite pulling it off, this posh, ornately adorned gentlemen evokes a chuckle  and adds a lighthearted, unexpected flair to any wall—particularly if it’s a wall no one expects jelly to be spilled upon. His not-so-noble mid-chew expression will remind you it’s alright not to take yourself too seriously, even if you are wearing a gold waistcoat and frilly sleeves.  

So go ahead, place Sir Egbert proudly on your wall and admit to yourself and the world (and that dinner party coming up) that it’s alright not to be perfectly poised at every moment. And while you’re at it, enjoy the jellied scone.

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