"Regular Blue" // Art Print

"Regular Blue" // Art Print


Part of the What's Your Story? interactive illustration series, this charming print comes as a high quality 11x14 print, signed by me, and featuring a half inch white border for easy framing.

Created based on the submission for "A Special Outfit" by @laurenjane509:

"When my oldest daughter was 3, my mom picked up some play dresses for her from the thrift store. Nothing special, just dresses that she could wear that could get dirty and it wouldn't matter. She fell in love with one in particular. An aqua blue jersey cotton, drop waist dress with butterflies on it. She wanted to wear it all. The. Time. (It drove me crazy because I didn't particularly care for it) If she wasn't wearing it while we were out, as soon as we got home she'd strip down, run and find it and put it on. She named it "regular blue" because once in a desperate attempt to get her to wear something else, I told her "This is just an old regular blue dress" and then showed her the dress I wanted her to wear. She didn't take my advice of course. 😉 She's 7 now and has outgrown it, but it's still in her pajama drawer and makes an appearance every now and then as a night shirt on her little sister. I'll never get rid of it. Now it's my favorite dress and I can't look at it without tearing up a bit. It reminds me how fast children grow and to savor each little phase. I thought the regular blue dress phase would last forever. Turns out it didn't last long enough."⠀

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