Discounted Neverland Map Misprint // 13x19 Print

Discounted Neverland Map Misprint // 13x19 Print

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Sometimes while I'm adjusting my printer settings to get everything just right, I'll get a misprint or two. While upgrading my 13x19 prints to an absolutely gorgeous, vibrant, slightly textured paper, I acquired two Neverland maps with a bit of extra ink smudged along one corner each.

I normally don't offer these misprints for sale, but these few pieces are absolute beauties except for their small blemishes--which would be hidden during framing anyway. See images for close ups of the ink spots.

Bursting with adventure, color, and whimsy, this poster size print comes signed, unframed, and full of the charm and imagination of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. It includes a half an inch wide white border for easy framing.

Ignite imaginations and inspire exploration and play with this map of the fantasy island. Each location mentioned specifically in Barrie’s book Peter Pan is included and illustrated in charming detail on this print, along with a few additions that invite new stories.  

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