Once Upon a Time

there was a tiny little girl who believed with all her heart that she was Peter Pan. She only answered to his name, wore what was supposed to be just a Peter Pan Halloween costume basically everyday and crowed herself hoarse while “flying” on her belly on her backyard swingset.

Later in life, while pretending to be a normal grownup, she noticed that other grownups made strange assumptions about children—like that they didn’t understand beauty or heroism. Art she saw for children wasn’t pretty. Books written for children weren’t heroic and adventurous. Things didn’t seem to line up with what she knew childhood to really be like.

What's worse, grown ups were pretending not to be goofy and imaginative. She didn’t understand why everyone acted like they wouldn’t rather be in Neverland, or like jumping in mud puddles wasn’t fun, or that they didn’t want an elephant for a pet.

So she picked up her pencil, and drew some lines. And that’s how this adventure started.



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