All About Our London & Edinburgh Adventure

Here's a compilation of all my recent posts about the trip and the stories our destinations are entangled in.


BLOG POST : This is Why I'll Be Gone

My husband, Ethan, and I weren't able to go on a honeymoon when we first got married (almost 5 years ago!), so I'm extra excited to share with you that we'll be gone all next week to finally take that trip!

We'll be visiting London and Edinburgh on what really is basically a giant nerdy literary tour. ;) It'll be a dream come true in so many ways for me.

  1. We actually hit our goal of going on our honeymoon before our 5th anniversary...

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You. Guys. This is a detail of the new giant Neverland Map Poster Print, including the Jolly Rodger and the Round Pond, which is exciting all by itself. But that's not why I'm using more periods than is grammatically correct.⠀

Want to know what is really super incredibly exciting?? Next week, I'm going to get to see the inspiration for that Round Pond in Kensington Gardens itself! 

My husband, Ethan and I have been planning this trip since the fall, but it didn't start feeling real to me until last night...

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INSTAGRAM: Peter's Heart

I just re-read Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens in preparation for our trip, and was struck again by the total fullness of joy and playfulness and, in the words of the fairies, "dancyness" there is in Peter. Even though he can, of course, be very cocky and selfish and sometimes very dark and sinister in his own way, there is always that little glimmer of pure joy at the smallest things that always endears him to others.

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VIDEO: What's So Special About Peter Pan?

A clip from my Facebook Live chat about Peter Pan. 
So there’s an awkward chunk at the beginning where I didn’t realize I was streaming yet, and I frequently forgot what I was going to say, and I’m a total nerd… but yay for getting out there!

I’m a super introvert, guys. SUPER introvert. So this was a big thing for me to try. I’m a little embarrassed by how it turned out, but you know, next time will probably be better. And I love talking about stories and want to share all that fantastic, meaningful stuff with you as I create more illustrations from stories we love. So here’s to getting out there and doing scary things, and failing and trying again. 

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