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Gracie in the studio
Well, hello there!

I love working with you to bring your ideas to life.

Some of my favorite past projects have been ones I've been commissioned to do-- from family portraits to custom quotes to special announcements, these kinds of projects warm my heart, and I love working with you to tell your story in a special way! I'd love for yours to be my next custom piece!

Not sure where to start? I've put together a list of some common custom projects, which examples of each:



Christmas cards, or birthday cards, or just-because cards can be so much more than a template!

Send cards that really feel like you, capture a special relationship, send anything but cookie-cutter greetings.  You can even have me do an illustrated portrait for your cards!


Christmas cards don't have to be portraits--they can be any kind of illustration you'd like!

Cards don't have to be portraits--they can be any kind of illustration you'd like!



Anything goes for this category!

I specialize in literary illustration, though, which is especially good when trying to find gifts for your bookish friends! Have me do an illustration from your favorite story to bring a little of that special world into the everyday.



You can even customize an illustration I already offer as a print in my shop! Adrienne wanted the words "Tell me a story," added to the illustration Between the Pages.

There aren't a lot of Franny and Zooey (by J.D. Salinger) illustrations out there. I'd love to work with you to bring a friend or family member's obscure literary favorites to life. They'll love that you were paying attention, and having someone share in their love of the story.


#3 Portraits

Always a favorite, family portraits make a truly unique gift for a spouse or grandparent.  My portraits are fun, medium likeness (they still look like you, but in a stylized way) with a vintage flair.

You can even include literary or imaginary characters!



Christy and her two friends resemble the fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather in Disney's Sleeping Beauty both physically and personality-wise--so much so that Christy asked me to do a portrait of them as the beloved fairies!

Gina's children are very imaginative and playful. This portrait shows them both as they appear to the world, and the way the regularly imagine themselves.

We got creative in order to fit all 11 members of the family into this 50th anniversary present for Jim and Mary! We even made the flower colors correspond with family units as an extra detail.

My new true Beauty Portraits are all about calling out the traits you love so much about a special gal in your life, and showing her the way you see her.

My new true Beauty Portraits are all about calling out the traits you love so much about a special gal in your life, and showing her the way you see her.



Declare who you are in style--get a custom piece designed specifically to fit your personality and spruce up that space that’s gone stale or has been empty for ages.





Capture your first date with your spouse, or when your parents first met. Keep your family stories part of who you and your family are in the present by preserving them beautifully in illustration.


Need some more Christmas-y decor? No problem! Together we can come up with something in the style and colors you'll love to bring out and show off year after year!


Have a space in the kitchen that needs a little help? Fill it with a coffee cup in your kitchen color palette,  or an illustration of you and your grandma baking together.  Have a family heirloom piece of china that broke? Have it memorialized in an illustration you can keep on your wall where you can see it and remember it fondly every day.



This is the perfect gift for the person who has it all. Everyone has quotes that inspire them, make them laugh, give them hope. And you can't always find them designed nicely.

Or in the way you want them. We can bring quotes to life as prints, cards, a mug, even printed on fabric for use in a quilt!  You name it, and we'll figure out a way to make it happen!

Holiday Hint: Bookworms love quote prints from their favorite books.

You can even get an in joke designed as a quote print for that ultimately fun gift!