You're Going to Want to Read These Books

I'm getting ready for another update to the Great Picture Book List (Don't have it yet? You can get access here)!

I still have some more books to go through before I have the new list ready for you to download, but I just couldn't wait to share a few of them!


Hug Me, by Simona Ciraolo

We've all had days where we just need a hug. Fortunately, this charming cactus Felipe understands. Cute, funny, and utterly heart-warming, I can't imagine who wouldn't love this book!


The Girl and the Bicycle, by Mark Pett

Wordless, and all the more beautiful and touching because of it, this is a story of dreams, hard work, disappointments, sibling love, and new friends.


The Blue Whale, by Jenni Desmond

This book is one of a handful of beautiful non-fiction children's books I've discovered recently. I'm not sure if it's a new thing or I just hadn't been paying enough attention, but these non-fiction books make learning an exciting adventure in beauty, color, and story. The Blue Whale is all about... well... blue whales, and shares facts in fun and interesting ways that seem to really stand in awe of nature more than any textbook version, and immerses the reader in that magic.


Another thing I'm really enjoying about living near a big library system is being able to find all sorts of "Art of" books. I finally got my hands on this gem, The Art and Flair of Mary Blair! Mary Blair's concept art for Disney in the 1940s and 1950s is a huge inspiration to me. I just love her use of color, and the way she isn't afraid to paint things are they feel, and not just as they are.