You can take this Tiny Garden with you anywhere you go!

This past week (has it only been a week? Crazy!) I've been stealing moments between other projects to create something completely new:

Many thanks to my dear friend Annie for suggesting I try it--it's been ridiculously fun and addicting to try different designs and think of the various ways they can be used. I'm still testing them out right now, but if all goes well they'll be in the shop soon!

The idea is you can send them to a friend or family member any time you would normally send a bouquet. Birthdays, holidays, special events in place of a corsage, boutonnieres, you name it! They're actually quite sturdy and hold up very well--at least as long as the average bouquet! There's also a possibility or hairclips, pendants, etc.

It all starts the same way my three dimensional Little Princess illustrations do:

And then it gets more interesting with layering elements and attaching them to a ring base.


These were the very first prototypes:

And I'm in the midst of creating a few more autumn-themed ones:

I'm also starting to experiment with some story-themed designs as well. :)

I'll keep you posted, but I'd love to hear from you:

Are these something you might be interested in? Obviously I won't hold you to it, I just want to gauge interest! Hit reply and let me know!