[What's Your Story?] Favorite Time Period for Fashion

This year I've started a new interactive illustration series called "What's Your Story?" I introduce a new topic each week, ask for you to share your stories within that topic, and pick three to illustrate before the week is out!

This week, the topic was:

Your Favorite Time Period for Fashion

I always find it fascinating to look at different time periods and see how different lines and silhouettes and colors show up. My favorite time period for fashion? I'll bet you saw this one coming...⠀

1950s and 1960s. Yep, I love mid century fashion—it’s design, photography, and advertising. It’s all fascinating to me. This illustration is actually based on an outfit designed by Charles James in 1953. 
— Gracie

This piece was largely inspired by this amazing dress designed by Charles James in 1953, in a beautiful deep orange wool. Swoon. ☺️

The 1970’s hippie styles. Bell bottom pant and all the wonderful colors. I love colorful clothing and that time period surely was colorful in many ways.
— Laura S.

This is the main image I used for reference creating this 1970s image. Isn't she lovely?⠀

I couldn't track down who took this picture, but most places on the internet seemed to agree it's from Woodstock in 1969. There were a million fun options for clothing from this era, but those eyes, am I right? I had to give it a try. I think the photograph is much better, but that's ok--just drawing something from this time period is a stretch out of the usual for me! Thank you, @heymorningva and @laura_loves_wine for the suggestion! I'll have to give it another go sometime.

I love the Regency Era- such a simple elegance! And I love the face that updo’s were common and expected. :D
— Karen J.

Several people requested a flapper, so of course I had to do it!


This topic was just so much fun, I think I’d have spent all my time drawing gals from all your favorite time periods if I hadn’t had… you know… other work to do. This topic will absolutely be back for a reprise later on!⠀

For now though, one last piece.

A long time ago I was studying for a PhD in English (I chucked it all in before completing so unfortunately I can’t make anyone call me Dr Aoife 😉). My chosen subject was the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema, and my thesis was on Joan Crawford as Star. I examined the way in which Adrian (the MGM designer) created not only her characters’ style, but also her own star persona. I was totally fascinated by the fluted, column-like evening dresses and the huge shoulders he created (to balance out her wide hips apparently). Maybe it’s because I’m plump and curvy and a bias-cut 1930s evening gown would look very different on me, but I still love that pared-back aesthetic coupled with the excess of the neck and shoulder area that became her signature look.
— Aoife

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