[What's Your Story?] Association with this Color

This year I've started a new interactive illustration series called "What's Your Story?" I introduce a new topic each week, ask for you to share your stories within that topic, and pick three to illustrate before the week is out!

This week, the topic was:

Your Association with this Color:

I wasn't feeling super creative this week. I've been mostly work *on* my business instead of *in* it. So for this week's What's Your Story? illustrations, I went old school and just played around with acrylics, watercolors, sharpies and pastels. 

My Nana had a “bluebird of happiness” from @terrastudios on her kitchen window for my whole entire life. That’s what that blue reminds me of.
— Paige M.
Swimming and becoming a mermaid. I love the water, I can move as much as I want and feel no pain!
— Stephanie K.

This was an odd week for me creatively, so instead of trying to push it when it just wasn’t working, I created this simple little animation for Stephanie K.’s story

I see a big beautiful blue sky that reminds me of flying a kite thinking the sky is so big and my kite is so small.
— Laura S.

I think it felt right to put it on two pieces of paper because of the sky big-ness, and these tiny papers are like little glimpses of it instead of trying to capture the whole thing. ⠀


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