[What's Your Story?] A Special Outfit

This year I've started a new interactive illustration series called "What's Your Story?" I introduce a new topic each week, ask for you to share your stories within that topic, and pick three to illustrate before the week is out!

This week, the topic was:

A Special Outfit

Here's mine:

I thought of doing my wedding dress, but if I’m being completely honest one of my most special memories of Ethan and I together centers around this old, beat up flannel jacket. I was visiting him at his college on a rainy weekend in the fall, and we went out to get firewood for the fireplace in the basement he and some friends rented together. I don’t know if I just didn’t have a coat with me for some reason or if it was just at hand, but I ended up with Ethan’s old coat to head out in the rain (don’t worry, he had a coat, too). It was way too big, and super comfy and warm, and felt kind of like a hug from the man himself. It was chilly and wet, just the right kind of day to cook dinner together and huddle by the fire to talk afterward.⠀
— Gracie
We adopted our oldest son three years ago. While we were waiting for the approval to get on the plane to get him in Albania, I bought him his first outfit. It was a red hooded fleece jacket that reminded me of Paddington Bear and a pair of toddler blue jeans. I cried when I bought it in anticipation of meeting him. And then I cried again this year when I pulled it out of storage and realized on February 11 (the anniversary of the day we met him three years ago) that his little brother fit into the jacket for the first time! <3 Be still my heart... to have BOTH my special boys wear the same jacket. Also, how bittersweet that my big guy is far too big and my little guy is getting to be the same way!
— Karli S.
The black sleeveless dress with black stones around the neckline, and a black sweater I wore over top with black heels. It is the outfit I got engaged in. (I thought we were just having a nice dinner together)
— Kari W.
When my oldest daughter was 3, my mom picked up some play dresses for her from the thrift store. Nothing special, just dresses that she could wear that could get dirty and it wouldn’t matter. She fell in love with one in particular. An aqua blue jersey cotton, drop waist dress with butterflies on it. She wanted to wear it all. The. Time. (It drove me crazy because I didn’t particularly care for it) If she wasn’t wearing it while we were out, as soon as we got home she’d strip down, run and find it and put it on. She named it “regular blue” because once in a desperate attempt to get her to wear something else, I told her “This is just an old regular blue dress” and then showed her the dress I wanted her to wear. She didn’t take my advice of course. 😉 She’s 7 now and has outgrown it, but it’s still in her pajama drawer and makes an appearance every now and then as a night shirt on her little sister. I’ll never get rid of it. Now it’s my favorite dress and I can’t look at it without tearing up a bit. It reminds me how fast children grow and to savor each little phase. I thought the regular blue dress phase would last forever. Turns out it didn’t last long enough.
— Lauren T.

Technically at this point we were all done with this week's What's Your Story? topic, but I just couldn't let this one comment go. 

The two sets of footprints of our foster-boys. each taken before they turned a month old.
— Brooke R.

She calls them "Fuzzy Bear" and "Baby Bear," and sent me a picture of their painted footprints. I don't feel like I could really improve on them in any way, but I wanted to put them together, like the family Brooke hopes they can officially be one day.


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