This is Why I'll be Gone Next Week!

My husband, Ethan, and I weren't able to go on a honeymoon when we first got married (almost 5 years ago!), so I'm extra excited to share with you that we'll be gone all next week to finally take that trip!

We'll be visiting London and Edinburgh on what really is basically a giant nerdy literary tour. ;) It'll be a dream come true in so many ways for me:

  1. We actually hit our goal of going on our honeymoon before our 5th anniversary
  2. I get to spend an entire week having adventures with my best friend!
  3. This will be my first time overseas, ever!
  4. I've been needing to visit Kensington Gardens since, well... this:

Remember that time when I was a tiny, practically bald little girl who thought she was Peter Pan and believed it with all her heart? Me, too. I'm pretty sure this is what I look like still on the inside.

4. We'll be visiting such story-entangled places as Paddington Station, Kensington Gardens, Kings Cross Station, the Kilns, and Greyfrairs Cemetery--not to mention all the non-literary specific places like Westminster Abbey and Edinburgh Castle!

5. Did I mention yet that I'll get to see the birthplace of Peter Pan? Yeah, no big deal.

So next week, there will be no newsletter or blog post or What's Your Story? illustration series. To be honest, I'm not even sure I'll be able to speak or formulate sentences after all this awesomeness, so even if I had my computer all you would get would be a joyful mess of gobbledygook. But I promise there will be pictures when I get back!