Taking Paper Textures to New Levels

The Little Princess Collection started in ernest last week, with another Facebook Live event. My introductory papers are...backwards...sorry about that! But bear with me, I'm new at this.

You can view the live event here:

For those of you that just want a quick glimpse, I took some process pictures for you!

This one is already taking the textures I used in the test image to a whole new level.I didn't plan it that way, but this process is taking on a life of its own. That flowery-looking succulent is made of 5 layers of painted water color paper, cut from the scraps you see here:

Unfortunately this handy purple cutting tool broke today, so everything will be on hold for a few days until my replacement comes.

Some of the succulent layers before I painted their edges, shaped them, and glued them together.

A whole group of the finished succulents!

And where the physical part of the piece stands now, with rough sketches to stand in for Sara and Captain Crewe. I'll show you the real linework for these two another day. ;)