Neverland-inspired Fabric Products and the Pattern-full Glass Mini Assignment

Whew, it's a whirlwind over here!  My drawing hand is getting tired and my pencils are getting dangerously short as I near the end of week three of the MATS Home Decor class, where I'm designing a full home decor collection for children, inspired by Peter Pan.

Each week in the class we're tackling a new "substrate," or material, to make products from. Last week I shared the final metal products I designed (flight to Neverland Nightlights), and this week I'm super excited to share the fabric pieces!

I learned so much last week and did my best to step things up for the fabric assignment. Each week I'm focusing on slightly different things to keep improving, and I felt more confident about my fabric presentation than the metal presentation. I'm still new at this and there's so much to learn, but I'm trying to be aware of positive changes and how far I've come since even two weeks ago.

Anyway, enough talking. Here are the fabric pieces I designed for this adventurous, magical collection!:


And it's on to the next! This week we're focusing on patterns. I'm still putting together the final presentation board with my products (I'll share those later), but I have several patterns I'm currently playing with!

This was my first time ever creating a repeat pattern, which was pretty intimidating. I made a behind the scenes video for you from my Instagram stories walkthrough of the process!:

Stay tuned for the final glass products to come (I'll give you a hint: this week I'm focusing on the Mermaid's Lagoon)!