Neverland Home Decor Collection: Metal (and this week's Fabric Mini!)

Well, it's only been a week and a half, but I've already learned so much from the MATS Home Decor Class!  It's keeping me super busy, and there's barely enough time to practice and implement all the new things I'm learning but I'm doing my best and pushing myself as much as I can.

It's kind of nice that it's so whirlwind, actually, so I have a limited amount of time in which to -inevitably- overthink everything.

Last week's assignment was all about metal--we each designed a piece or two (in my case a whole set) of things to be made from metal for our collection. I had a whole bunch more ideas for metal, too, but ran out of time, so I'll have to add those later on. Once the class itself is over I'm sure I'll be updating and tweaking everything to bring it up to speed with what I've been learning throughout, so none of this is totally final for the finished collection.

My original sketches for the metal nightlight set I created:


These would be backlit nightlights made of thin, pillowed brass and oxidized copper, with cutouts--including a cutout of Tinkerbell flying with Peter. I like the idea of mounting them on the ceiling, but you could also put them on the wall.

And the final presentation, which I would already do a bit differently. We're supposed to stick to a certain color palette and I struggled with making that work with my vision:


And it's already time for the Fabric final piece! I'm still finishing that presentation, but I have some sneak peeks for you from the mini assignment, which focused on primarily flora.

I created all these elements (called icons) during the mini so I'd have them ready to incorporate into the final piece for this week:

Hey, you read all the way down to here! Just for that, I'll let you in on a little secret: the fabric product for the Neverland Collection will include a bedspread and pillows! I'll share that one next week, so stay tuned!