Neverland Collection: The Crocodile & Thimbles

We're so close to the end of this class! I'm really going to miss it, but there's not much time to think too hard about it, because there's still another assignment to finish! 

Each week we're working on products for a different type of material. Right now, I'm working on wood products for my Neverland-inspired children's collection, but in the meantime I can share last week's final assignment with you:


And here are a few patterns and simple marks I'm playing with as I design the wood products for this week:


In the process of creating a bunch of textures and interesting "marks" to use for this week's assignment, I rediscovered my graphite watercolor, which I had gotten to experiment with some time ago, but ended up forgetting about for a long time. I used it to create the dark squiggly texture on the top left there, and loved it! There's something really freeing and fun about creating really big strokes (I used a small sponge) in a very short amount of time. That led to a quick sketch of Peter here:


Which grew into this piece, now available in the shop:

Sometimes, even when I know I drew him, I'm surprised and delighted to see Peter Pan. ⠀

Most of the time I know I'll never quite catch him--it would be like Wendy trying to catch the kiss at the corner of Mrs. Darling's mouth--so I don't push too hard, don't try to force it. I know I don't quite get him right most of the time, and that's ok.⠀

But this time, he showed up anyway. And I laughed and grinned and said "Why, hello, Peter!" like an idiot, talking to myself in my studio.⠀

But I don't really care, because Peter came.⠀