Introducing "What's Your Story?": a weekly interactive illustration experience

My theme for the year is “Rejoicing in Beauty,” and I’m kicking it off with a brand new exercise: a weekly interactive illustration series called “What’s Your Story?"⠀

I tried this last summer and fall, and it was a wonderful way for us to connect, for me to learn more about you, and get some great illustration practice in, too!

I’ll share a new theme or topic each Monday on Instagram and Facebook for you to comment on. 

I’ll choose 3 comments each week to do sketches from (I’ll tag you so you don’t miss it!), and we’ll start all over again the next week with a new topic.⠀I'll post all the resulting illustrations as I finished them, and also as a blog post all together at the end of the week.


The topic this week: Something of beauty in your life.⠀


Here’s my answer: an unexpected kiss from my best friend (and husband), Ethan.⠀⠀

It was really hard for me to pick just one, but do your best, and I’ll come back to this topic later on so we can keep revisiting different beautiful things in each of our stories! 

What’s yours? Comment on Instagram or Facebook to participate!