(Long Overdue) New Studio Tour

So, um, yes... we've been here in San Antonio for awhile now, and I'm just now getting to a new studio tour. Sorry about that! I get things have been busier than I realized.


I work from home, in my home studio... which honestly is just a corner of our apartment.  But that's life, right? We all have to work with what we have, and I always find it an adventure to see what we can do with each new space.

Ethan and I have lived in a new apartment each year since we've gotten married (for a variety of reasons), so we've gotten pretty used to keeping our amount of stuff down to a minimum. We also really care about what we surround ourselves with, so our decor and everything keeps getting more and more curated with each move. I'm not sure what will happen if we stop moving around so much--hopefully we'll be able to keep up that practice!

A big part of the way I see the world (and why I do what I do, really), is that I believe beauty matters, and that includes the space you live in. You can't always go and get the nicest things or spend tons of time searching for deals at garage sales or get rid of things that are just plain functional, but there's something to be said for carefully choosing what you keep and what kind of space you create to live and work in.

Anyway, enough talk, right? On to the pictures!

This is... pretty much my whole studio, plus the shelves on the left. Don't you love that natural light? We're so blessed to have two big windows on the other side of the room!

That's Gulliver (the sloth) and Hogarth (the octopus). They make sure everything's running smoothly around here.

This fantastic Biology book with illustrations by Charles Harper used to belong to my grandpa, who is also an artist.  It's really cool to know Charles Harper's work is inspiring to both of us! You can also see I keep a few of my favorite picture books close at hand.

I bounce back and forth between pretty much every space at the table and standing desk on the right many times throughout the day.  I like to shake things up a lot. 

I love trying different mediums, and had tons of fun making these paint and paper flowers. I may have gone a little crazy with them. Eventually I'll get back around to incorporating them into a 3D piece, but for now they're a nine pop of color and nature on the wall above my standing desk.

This beautiful professional printer is Big Anthony (named after the character in Strega Nona). If you've ever ordered any prints or cards from me, you'll be familiar with his stellar work. Right now he's printing on my brand new paper for an order going out tomorrow!

I try to keep this hanging globe updated with all the places my artwork has gone over the years. It's really exciting to see where my works get to travel, and I like to think it's making someone smile is each of those places at any given time.

Yep, it's random. But it's me, and it makes me happy. :)

That's it for this studio tour! Thanks for popping in!

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