Growing a Small Paper Garden

Progress on the Little Princess Collection was rudely halted this week when I broke my super-special cutting tool and was waiting for a replacement. Still, I could paint! These extra large leaves were inspired directly from an image on my Little Princess Pinterest Board:

Then this afternoon I sat down to do some cutting and within about ten minutes... ...I broke the new one. Conclusion: either these cutters are not made for watercolor paper or I'm doing it wrong. It's definitely a learning process! I grabbed some glue and attempted to save this one.

While it sat out all sad and dejected, I kept going with these flowers:

Some regular old fashioned scissor-cutting later, and I have (most) of the jungle-y garden supplies for this illustration!

I couldn't resist a little paper floral arrangement, even though it's not time yet for the final piece:

And here's a quick little sneak peak of the linework, still all messy and without color just yet.:

More to come later!