Glorious New Paper for Prints!

You. Guys.

I've been contemplating a paper upgrade for awhile now. Now that I'm finally starting the process, is WAAAAY exceeds my expectations.

For those of you that don't know, I handle all the printing of my prints in my home studio. Here's my amazing printer, Big Anthony (named after the character from Strega Nona).:

Doing all my own printing means I have total control over the quality of the prints I create, which is wonderful for both of us. I make sure each and every print is as perfect as it can be before sending it to you, and I can make adjustments and reprint any time I need to. Another part of making sure my prints are the best they can be is carefully choosing papers. I've been using the same paper for awhile now, and although it's definitely very good, I've had my eye on a truly luxurious fine art paper for about a year. And friends, I finally started with the transition!

It'll take me a bit to switch over to the new paper for every size, but I can hardly wait! This new paper, called Palo Duro Softgloss Rag, is so perfect. This is going to sound crazy, but I just kinda want to rub my face on it. It's soft, lightly textured, and the colors pop like crazy--it's like they radiate from the paper! It's just plain GORGEOUS, and I know you're going to love it as much as I do.

These pictures don't really do it full justice, but you can get a bit of an idea of the insanely high quality of this paper from the images I took yesterday of my most popular print, the Neverland Map (which I'm in the process of redesigning for a much-requested 24x36 poster!):

It doesn't get much more extreme than this close up. Look at that beautiful texture! I feel like my prints are ready to hand in an art gallery!

Right now I'm using this ridiculously amazing paper on all 11x14 or 13x19 prints, and I'll be switching over to it for all sizes as soon as possible. 

Love what you see? Now's a great time to grab any of the prints in my shop you've had your eye on in 11x14 or 13x19!