GIANT Neverland Map Now Available for Pre-Order!

If you've been paying close attention you might already know I've been hard at work redesigning the ever-popular Neverland Map, which I originally created in 2015. 

The first map was fairly small, but filled to the brim (can I say that about a piece of art?) with whimsy and adventure.  Being a nerdy Peter Pan-obsessed gal, I also combed through the entire book several times (Oh, no! I had to read it over and over again! ;)) to make sure I noted each and every specific location mentioned. Every one of them is on the map, with a few little Easter Eggs other dedicated fans will enjoy searching for.

The new map is very similarly designed, but gloriously HUGE, perfect for extended periods of studying and imagining. Though many things remain the same, the new map is created in my new more mid-century inspired coloring technique.

Love it? There are only 15 like it for now, so pre-order yours today! Pre-orders are scheduled to ship starting February 25th.