Time To Head Outside...

Sometimes you just get stuck in the middle of something.  I was having a really hard time getting into one of my custom projects this week, and it seemed like nothing I did was working.

When you just keep trying to draw the same thing over and over and it doesn't get better, I've learned it's time to get out.  The places we've lived haven't always been super walkable, but even then I'd at least get out to go check the mail or something. Sometimes just moving around that much and getting out of the studio for a minute or two helps enough.

But in San Antonio, the whole riverwalk is just waiting there. Maybe it's actually a bad thing, and can prove too distracting, but so far I haven't taken advantage of the fact that it's there enough. 

Today, though, I did.  I was actually just headed out to drop off a package for the post office, but on a whim I took my camera with me. I tried to walk slow (I get going pretty fast when I know where I'm headed) and notice little things. It's incredible just how much texture and color you can find out there! 

The view looking up...

That's the San Antonio Museum of Art in the background!

There's something, too, about being out and about where you can meet people. Being my super awkward introvert self, that usually doesn't look very pretty, or involve much talking. I kind of count nods and quick "Hello!"s as people interaction when I spent most of my time alone in an apartment.

Walking by this place at night is really exciting, seeing all the lights and the people enjoying fancy cocktails and all that. But it's pretty cool during the day, too!

It wasn't very warm today, but it was really sunny, which made for amazing shadows along the most jungle-y stretches!

Anyway, today I met a lady with one eye (who acted super embarrassed to have that side of her face to me until I smiled and said hi, which made her smile, which made me smile more), tons of joggers, and a homeless guy. The most conversation that actually happened was with the homeless guy, who saw me taking a picture from his perch above the riverwalk and popped his head over the side of the wall to ask if I seriously was a birdwatcher. I said, "No," and was about to elaborate when he disappeared again over the edge. Maybe I'll see if he's there again another day.

I have no idea what these dusty blue plants are, but they get GIANT, and are super interesting close up.