Beginning a Neverland-Inspired Nursery Collection

This week has been such an exciting one as I begin my next MATS class: Creating your Home Decor Collection!

 (Yes, I still have a few more assignments to wrap up from my self-guided class, but this one is on a real schedule, and I'm going through it in real time with other students, so it's taking priority.)

Before we started the class, we needed to have thought about what kind of home decor collection we wanted to create. I knew almost immediately I wanted to create something for children's rooms.  Then I fought with myself for awhile about whether or not to go with my gut and actually do a Neverland-themed collection. 

I wasn't sure everyone else would find it as exciting and interesting as I would--which is silly because my most popular products by FAR are anything Peter Pan-related:




I also worried that it was be TOO niche for art directors to be interested in. Obviously that last part remains to be seen, but this paraphrase of a quote by Lilla Rogers (the art agent who teaches the course) pushed my over the edge:

Making your portfolio is NOT the time to dumb down or make work like you think you SHOULD. Now is the time to do the work you LOVE and have art directors see that.
— Llla Rogers

So here I am, jumping right in, and SO glad I did!

This will be a 5-week process, so the entire collection won't be finished until at least mid-September, but you're in the right place to follow along as it takes shape! You can also see the progress in real time over on my Instagram Stories, but if you're on my email list, you'll always get the best of the best all bundled up nicely in the weekly newsletter and blog post.


I can't tell you all the details, but the week started with drawing birds, birds, and MORE birds. Here are a few of the best ones:


I went a little crazy with this peacock and created a whole illustration from it:


From there I sketched out some basic ideas for Neverland-related products for a children's room collection. I'm keeping them a secret for now, but here's a teeny little sneak peek of the first product I'll be finishing up by Sunday evening:

Stay tuned for more! The final designs for each week are due Sunday evenings, so starting next week I'll be sharing those as I go along!