A Successful Experiment

In case you missed it last week and in all my various social media posts, I'm working on designing A Little Princess Collection! Last week I shared the beginnings of a fun experiment to add more depth and texture to my work as I explore ways to bring the clash between exotic indian jungle and early 1900s England to life.

This week I did a Facebook Live session where I flung the studio door open and invited you in to hang out while I worked on the experimental paper piece. It's long--these things take time, ya know!--but you get to see behind the scenes on my process, and hear lots of thoughts about the story and how it's an important one.

You can see the video here:


Today I finished the digital part of the experiment, so here's a quick gif showing that process:

And the actual final piece, all gussied up and in the shop (to whet your whistle before the final collection is released):

How do you like the way the paper and digital elements work together?