Art Stew 52 Instagram Takeover!: Using Stories to Remind You Who You Are

This week I had the new and exciting experience of taking over the @ArtStew52 account on Instagram!

Art Stew 52 is a community of artists and makers that started as a small group of creative friends contributing in their own ways (drawings, writings, fiber arts, etc.) to a weekly prompt for a year--hence the 52 for 52 weeks in a year. Since then it's grown to a thriving, welcoming online community that includes the weekly prompts, games, discussions, and (coming sometime soon!) a magazine!

(You can join in on Instagram and get some sneak peeks for the magazine on the website here.)

I'm so honored to have been asked to take over their Instagram Stories for a day, and though I was nervous about it (*cough* introvert *cough*), it was a total blast! 

I talked about (you guessed it) stories--specifically about how stories can help remind you who you are and why you do what you do.

What does that actually look like in the practical, day-to-day though?

I share ALL about that in the video below, but the short answer for me right now, is this wall:

Want to see more of it? Watch the video below for a full explanation!

I created a wall (that I'm still adding to) full of images, quotes and bits of stories that remind me who I am, how I see the world, and what I want to do about it. I made it into a desktop wallpaper, too, so I can literally see it ALL the time.

We did the same thing throughout the day during my ArtStew52 takeover. Community members sent in images, quotes, and phrases that inspire them and give them focus and purpose, and I made them into a flatlay by the end of the day.  From there I made it into a desktop and phone wallpaper so community members can have it in front of them all the time, too.

(Scroll down below the video to see and download these for yourself!)

Want to see the whole process? Check out the video below, which is a compilation of my Instagram Stories throughout the day. You'll get the whole story behind my wall, plus a studio tour and brief rundown of my favorite tools for creation!

Click to download this as a desktop wallpaper!

Click to download this as a desktop wallpaper!

Click to download as a phone wallpaper!

Click to download as a phone wallpaper!