A Little Inspiration For You

Sometimes I get in creative ruts where I just don't know what to draw, and the usual overflow of concepts and colors swirling around in my head seems to have run dry. 

Ever feel like that? Even if you don't typically draw or create anything on a daily basis, there are times where you just don't feel inspired, aren't there?

Well for me, one of the best ways to get out of that rut (or keep the momentum going when I'm on a roll!) is to get good reference books. Beautiful books. Colorful books. The kind of books you can just flip through for hours--until you get inspired by a certain color pairing or technique or types of visual storytelling, and then it's off again to the sketchbook!

This week I have three new pieces of inspiration I wanted to share with you.

Who knows? Maybe they'll inspire you, too. I hope so!


This book is mostly just pages and pages and pages of old ads. I've always thought this period of design was fantastic, and it's interesting to see how it affected advertising, and how advertising itself evolved during the 50s and 60s.


There's just something about typewriters...


I absolutely LOVE the colors in this one:



These postcards from PIXAR feature both stills from the final films, and come concept and development art. I was kind of hoping for more of the concept art, but they're still great!


I just love seeing the very first, unpolished sketches for character and world design. Here are a few of my favorites from the set:



And finally, this Disney gem. I'm not always a fan of what Disney is up to these days (it depends), but I'll always love a lot of classic Disney design, so this book of past poster art got me really excited!


I just love these concepts for the Jungle Cruise--the colors and texture are the best!


I'd love to just cut some of these out and hang them up, but I'm not sure I can convince my Hermione Granger side to do that to a perfectly good book. :)