The Bespoke Experience



I’m so very excited to hear all your incredible ideas starting on Monday the 15th, and to partner with you to bring them to life!

Each project idea is completely unique. It has its own creativity, its own purpose, its own story to tell. For the Bespoke Events, I treat each project idea as the total original it is. This means the process of setting the project details (like pricing) is also highly unique for each project idea.

I know many of you are new to this kind of process, and I don’t want you to feel intimidated by any part of it, so today I want to talk specifics of how it works, and how it is built to give your project idea the time and attention it deserves. Get ready for lots of detailed information on the whole process!

First off, let’s talk about how to be part of the event!


  • Booking for this Bespoke Event opens on Monday, August 15th.
  • VIPs will be notified that Booking is open one hour before I announce it everywhere else (to become a VIP, sign up here).
  • I'll have a brand new page with a separate form for you to join the Booking List. You can join the Booking List at any time between August 15th and August 24th
  • The first 5 to join the Booking List will receive a Project Survey to fill out. This survey gives me basic information about your project so I can begin work on a quote.
  • You have three days to complete the Project Survey. If you decline to fill it out during that time, I’ll open up your spot for the next person on the list. (Don’t worry, though--if you don’t yet know all the information requested on the Project Survey, we’ll talk during those three days and get some ideas flowing.)
  • Once I have your basic project information, I’ll get back to you with a quote within two business days.
  • If you have any budgetary concerns, we’ll discuss them to and make sure that your budget, the price, and the project specifics all line up well for all of us. The quote isn’t necessarily the final price, and we’ll work together to make sure it’s agreeable for both of us.
  • I may come back with a modified project specifications and quote to fit your budgetary needs.
  • Once you’re happy with the quote, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.
  • You’ll make a 30% payment within two days to officially reserve your place in the Bespoke Event. The final 70% is paid after the project is completed.
  • Anyone still on the Booking List when the first 5 places are officially booked will be given an option to complete the Project Survey, Quote and 30% down payment process to reserve their place in advance for the next Bespoke Event.



The project survey is a Google Form that starts with basic information. It asks the same questions I would if we were able to sit down and just chat about your project over some coffee, but you can fill it out in your own time, so there’s less pressure for you. I’ve built it to guide you through the brainstorming process a bit if you don’t know quite what your project should be yet, or just to keep things simple and straightforward if you already have a pretty clear vision for your Bespoke piece.

Here’s a preview of what the survey actually looks like:


Why so many questions?

Because each project is unique, things like pricing and the time it takes to complete are just as unique. There are many factors to coming up with a price that is fair and acceptable to you and allows me to pay myself at the same time.

I’ll need to know things like the size you’re looking for, how complex the project will be to complete, and if you have a budget or deadline in mind. All these are factors in the price I quote for you, which is why I can’t really give you a flat price for all custom projects. There are too many variables to give a blanket answer--but that’s good, because it means you get a quote that is completely specific to your project, and you won’t be paying any more (or less) than what it is worth.


Why ask about a budget?

Asking for a budget  does not mean I’ll automatically make it cost as much as your budget.  It does mean I can help tailor the project to what works for both you and me, so that you get the art you want, and I get paid fairly. If you don’t have a budget, I’ll come up with a quote for the best possible piece for your idea, which means it’ll be great, but it’s also possible it won’t fit your budget. That’s why it’s good to know in advance if you have a certain limit-- it gives me a chance to tailor the project options to fit your needs, and often more is possible than you might think.


What's in the quote?

The quote is primarily the price for the project, but it will also include terms that you agree to when you pay the quote, either in part or in full. They aren’t super complicated, but they clearly lay out guidelines for our agreement. The terms will cover things like how you can use the final artwork, what you get at the end of the project, and what happens if you decide to cancel the project partway through.  That way we both know exactly what to expect going in. They’ll vary a bit based on the project.

Reserving Your Seat

Once we agree on a quote, I’ll send you an invoice (through PayPal). The invoice will be for the full project amount, but you’ll only have to pay for the first 30% upfront. Making this payment is what saves your seat, so you are officially one of the five clients I’ll take during this event! The final 70% is only due after the project is completed and you receive your artwork, but if you prefer to pay it all at once you’re welcome to. It’s up to you!


For this event I’ll be using a program called SamePage, which enables us to have an online hub for you to view files, see where the project is at, and for us to chat via typed messages or video calls. You don’t have to get an account to review the page I set up for you, and it keeps everything all in one place so it’s super simple.

Here’s a couple screenshots of a sample project page:

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.32.47 PM.png

+ when will you start work on my project?

I will begin work on your project as soon as the 30% payment has been made.

+ how long will it take?

Since every project is different, every completion time will be, too. Most projects, on average, though, take about 2-3 weeks to complete.

+ what do I get when we’re done?

Every Bespoke Client receives high quality digital files of their artwork, and usually a print, although if you have a special request (want it on a coffee mug? A large poster? An outdoor banner?), we’ll see what we can make happen!

+ what if I have a very small budget? Should I not even bother?

Don’t let a small budget stop you from getting on the Booking List! If your budget is small, it will mean we’re somewhat limited as to what kind of project we can fit into it, but it doesn’t mean we can’t try. We’ll work together to come up with a project that fits both our needs, so there’s not really a minimum threshold.

+ what if I’m not one of the first five to get on the booking list?

Everyone goes on the Booking List in the order they signed up. If you’re number 6, and someone ahead of you decides not to pursue their project right now, you’ll get bumped up. If you don’t make it into the first five by the end of this Bespoke Event, you’ll have the option to fill out a Project Survey, get a quote, and put 30% down on your project now so that your seat is officially reserved for the next event.

+ when is the next bespoke event?

I’ll be hosting another Bespoke Event in October of 2016.