I’m illustrator Gracie Klumpp, and I help art lovers, DIY-ers and gift-givers do their very best for gifts, events, and home decorating. I create custom art and portraits for gifts, cards, invitations and party favors.  

As kids my sister and I would always throw ourselves headlong into making elaborate gifts for friends and family each Christmas season. My favorites were making gift boxes filled with Neverland or Harry Potter-themed bits and bobs for the literary-loving among us. Since then I’ve always loved finding ways to capture the essence of a story or idea in the details of a gift or event.

I've worked with lots of clients on custom projects over the last few years, and it's always a joy to be a part of bringing your ideas and dreams to life with artwork, all packaged up with their own unique flair.


"Better Than I Could Have Envisioned..."

"I literally could not be happier with this purchase. It... ...was the perfect wedding gift for my husband. Gracie was friendly, prompt and professional, and her work was better than I could have envisioned. My husband and I love our beautiful pictures, which now have pride of place in our home. Thank you so much, Gracie!"

-Katherine S.

Get exactly what you want in the final artwork.

I’ll work directly with you to create a piece that is completely custom----tailor made for your personality, story, and situation.

I'll take you through a simple process of collaboration that gives plenty of opportunities for you to review artwork and ask for changes so you get exactly what you want in a final piece.



"Words Can't Express..."

"Words can't express how happy I am with both the finished product and the process of working with Gracie!!! Will definitely do business with her again! :)"

-Christy B.

No request is too small, too big, too simple, or too complicated.

This time of year, many Bespoke projects are focused on Christmas gifts and events, but there are many types of projects we can work on together:

  • Family and Individual Portraits

  • Baby Announcements

  • Party Invitations

  • Party Favors

  • Home decor

  • Christmas Cards

  • Wedding Gifts

  • Anything else you need custom illustrations for!




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This Event is entirely virtual,

which means you can participate from anywhere! We'll communicate through email through the Booking period, and a platform called SamePage with a dedicated chat (or video chat if you prefer) during your project.



You'll need to sign up for the Booking List during the event to participate.

The first 5 to sign up get to talk with me about their project and receive a quote first. If they decide now's not the time to pursue their project, the spot opens to the next person on the list until all 5 spots have been filled with clients who have paid their initial deposit of 30% of the project total.

VIPs get a 24-hour headstart to sign up. Become a VIP to make sure you get first notice when the Event opens!


  • Become a VIP to get first notice when the event opens.
  • Booking for this Bespoke Event opens, and stays open for seven days.
  • The first 5 to join the Booking List will receive a Project Survey to fill out. This survey gives me basic information about your project so I can begin work on a quote.
  • Once I have your basic project information, I’ll get back to you with a quote within two business days.
  • Once you’re happy with the quote, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.
  • You’ll make a 30% payment within two days to officially reserve your place in the Bespoke Event. The final 70% is paid after the project is completed.

+ what if I’m not one of the first five to get on the booking list?

Everyone goes on the Booking List in the order they signed up. If you’re number 6, and someone ahead of you decides not to pursue their project right now, you’ll get bumped up. If you don’t make it into the first five by the end of this Bespoke Event, you’ll have the option to fill out a Project Survey, get a quote, and put 30% down on your project now so that your seat is officially reserved for the next event.

+ How much will my project cost?

Since every project is different, each one will recieve its own unique quote. I calculate my prices based on how complex they are (how much time they'll take me to create), when you need them by, how much your budget is, and what you need as a result (digital file only, print, 100 cards, etc.).

Here's a rough range based on project type: Invitation design: $125-$250 Portrait: About $150-$200 per person Logo Design: $300-$400 Custom Illustration: $250-$350

+ what if I have a very small budget? Should I not even bother?

Don’t let a small budget stop you from getting on the Booking List! If your budget is small, it will mean we’re somewhat limited as to what kind of project we can fit into it, but it doesn’t mean we can’t try. We’ll work together to come up with a project that fits both our needs, so there’s not really a minimum threshold.

+ when will you start work on my project?

I will begin work on your project as soon as the 30% payment has been made.

+ how long will it take?

Since every project is different, every completion time will be, too. Most projects, on average, though, take about 3-4 weeks to complete.

+ what do I get when we’re done?

Every Bespoke Client receives high quality digital files of their artwork, and usually a print. If you work with me on cards or inivtations, you can pay me to provide the printed cards myself, or ask for the digital file only to print elsewhere on your own. If you have a special request (want your custom illustration on a coffee mug? A large poster? An outdoor banner?), we’ll see what we can make happen!

+ when is the next bespoke event?

This will be the last Bespoke Event of 2016.