magic indeed happened custom portrait


"Magic, Indeed, happened."

"Magic, indeed, happened...  ...It was like being given a gift by someone who knew me deeply, by someone who understood the inner workings of my family, my life, my mind – except that I had never met her before.

Her details were precise and I don’t mean the ones I gave her (like the white wine).

Gracie got it. Somehow, she got it."

-Jen L.



"You nailed it!"

Did you know our canoe was red?!? You nailed it! I'm in love with this beautiful illustration!!!!!!!

-Erica M.

red canoe family portrait

it's like you were there, too!


"It's like you were there, too!"

It's like you were there, too! The sunshine was exactly like that, and my furry companions, as well. All was right with the world on those mornings of feeling very blessed. Thank you. You do such exceptional drawing/art, and make such emotional connections with your style.

-Karen C.